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Ice Cream Flavours

Where every scoop tells a story

Rainbow Sprinkles

Delicious Offerings

From classic cones and shakes to sorbet & vegan scoops, we've got something for everyone. Our "ice cream flights" take you on a tasting adventure with six flavors packed into one container, and don't miss The Chuckler – soft serve ice cream with your choice of toppings or candy mixed right in! Did we mention "pup cups" for our furry friends? Yup, we've got those too! We're all about using the best ingredients and staying ahead of the curve with new flavors and ideas. So come on by and treat yourself – and your pup – to something delicious!

Ice Cream

The Classics

ice cream sandwich


Ice Cream Scoops

Vegan Options

Ice Cream Party


6 ice cream flavors in one container


chuckler - soft serve ice cream with candy or toppings mixed in

Chucklers & Shakes

Small-batch Gourmet Ice Cream in Washington, NJ

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